NISSAN GTR R35 (D1382) QDB 2375 Street and Race Track pads are now in stock.

The Street and Race Track ZX Carbon Fibre Hybrid Series – ZX 2800 and ZX 3800

For those drivers that are serious about high end braking performance!

Price: QDB 2375 (D1382) ZX 2800 235.00 AUD
Price: QDB 2375 (D1382) ZX 3800 280.00 AUD
Please call our office +61 7 55961099 to place your order. Pads are shipped same day.


11th July 2014
Here is latest update for the Hydundai Veloster Turbo 2013 onwards.
Here is latest update for the Hydundai Veloster Turbo 2013 onwards. Also for the Toyota Aurion 3.5 V6 2006-2012 previously- QDB 8397 now is QDB 2243 Read more...
4th July 2014
QFM Performance Series Disc Brake Pads.
Update to the QFM Performance Series disc brake pads. Shortly there will be two new other compounds that will be available. There are many others available on request for specialized applications. Read more...
3rd July 2014
QDB 2259 and QDB 2260 for 2006 on Chrysler 300C SRT-8 6.1L & Jeep Grand Cherokee
26th June 2014
Updated 8xxx series part number to QDB series
20th June 2014
DB 2074Ford Range 2012 and DB 2221 Toyota Hilux 2011
20th June 2014
Mazda 6 2012 Series Brake Pads
20th June 2014
Performance Series brake pads
QFM will soon be introducing the Performance Series brake pads.  Stay tuned....!   Read more...
19th June 2014
QDB 8584 for Hyundai and Kia
18th June 2014
18th June 2014
Honda Accord Euro QDB 2118
Honda Accord Euro                                                                                 We have added...
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