18th June 2014
18th June 2014
Honda Accord Euro QDB 2118
Honda Accord Euro                                                                                 We have added...
1st April 2014
QFM Product News
1st April 2014   QFM PRODUCT NEWS   Time to update you on some of the changes to our product and packaging.   Packaging Change We have now added the word "ceramic" to our disc pad cartons. Customers have often asked me if we have a ceramic disc pad, in fact our disc ...Read more...
27th November 2012
New Packaging
New Packaging     We are pleased to introduce new packaging for all Super X , Super Q and Taxi 69.   A mixture of old and new packaging will start to come through in your orders until our warehouse stock is replaced.   There has been no change to the formulation of the pads, and...Read more...
28th September 2012
Exciting New Range
Introducing 2 New Ranges of Product from QFM     QFM EuroTech Range                                  QFM EuroTech has been especially designed ...Read more...
25th July 2012
Borneo 4WD Safari
QFM 4WD on Safari QFM 4WD disc pads are often used in the harshest conditions and none more severe than the jungle encountered in Borneo on the annual Borneo Safari. QFM stockist Mr Lim Tai Yin better known as Borneo Lim, is the Managing Director of one Borneo's largest 4WD off road accessories shop. Borneo...Read more...
22nd June 2012
Carina, our new Sales Team Leader
Carina has once again joined the QFM team, as of the beginning of June, as our new Sales Team Leader. Carina will bring to QFM a lot of her recent and past experience in sales.  Carina originally worked for QFM over 10 years ago, and will remembered by a lot of customers.       ...Read more...
1st February 2012
New Part Numbers
We have now updated the latest QFM part numbers as of January 27th Parts and Availability. Three new part numbers have been added to the range and are available ex stock.   Part Number Model Model...Read more...
6th December 2011
22 New part numbers for December
There are now 22 new part numbers that have been added to the range and are available ex stock.  These new additions are listed on the latest availability list in the member's section.  Also updated is the latest 4WD listings.   Read more...
12th September 2011
QFM Website Launch
Welcome to the new look QFM web site, more information and more news to keep you up to date when it comes to brakes. As well as product and company information QFM stockists now have access the latest parts listings and information that will assist in your braking needs. QFM stockists requiring access within the...Read more...
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