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HPX is a heavy duty brake pad that is recommended for performance, passenger and trade vehicles. These vehicles can often generate high temperatures yet they still require a brake pad to handle normal, everyday conditions.

Excellent pedal feel combined with great stopping power hot or cold makes HPX the ideal brake pad for these vehicles. Other features of HPX that motorists enjoy are low dust, low disc rotor wear and quiet operation of the pads.

Temperature range 0-550 degrees celcius

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A1RM is a high performance street pad that is also suitable for light track and rally work. This pad is designed to meet the temperatures generated by heavy and prolonged braking applications. A1RM has very good cold effectiveness and pedal feel.

Due to the performance and frictional attributes of A1RM, some vehicles experience higher dust and wear rates than standard disc pads. This is the ideal pad for the enthusiast who wants to combine performance braking at the track with normal braking demands without having to change pads.

Temperature range 0-780 degrees celcius

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